date constructor

Valid formats are explained in Date and Time Formats. . thrown even when the $time parameter of the constructor includes a timezone or is a UNIX timestamp. Definition and Usage. In JavaScript, the constructor property returns the constructor function for an object. The return value is a reference to the function, not the. Constructor and Description. Date(). Allocates a Date object and initializes it so that it represents the time at which it was allocated, measured to the nearest. date constructor If the attempt fails, an IllegalArgumentException is thrown, date constructor. A word that matches PM, ignoring case, adds 12 to the hour but date constructor parse fails if an hour has not been recognized or is less than 1 or greater than If no time zone is specified, the local time zone is assumed. A consecutive sequence of letters is regarded as a word and treated as follows: Attempts to interpret the string s as a date constructor of a date and time.

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