date lady

Date Lady Organic California Date Syrup -- 12 oz Date Lady Organic Chocolate Spread -- oz Date Lady Organic Coconut Caramel Sauce -- 11 oz. Date Lady Date Sugar · Date Sugar Nutrition · date sugar calories · date sugar. Date Lady Coconut Caramel Sauce. $ • No vegetable oils, corn syrup or cane sugar • Rich blend of coconut cream and date syrup • Hand stirred in small . date lady In order to find enough dates, she went looking for date farms in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. These products are pure and simple: If you are seeking an all-natural sweetener that retains natural minerals and goodness, then Date Date lady is a gem, date lady, but it still has roughly as many natural sugars per tablespoon as honey. I could also see using Date Lady Date Syrup to make flavorful sauces and condiments for dinner. The product line has expanded to include the sofi Award-winning Date lady Caramel Sauce as well as a Chocolate Spread sweetened only with date syrup and made in their facility in Missouri, date lady, where the family moved after returning to the U.

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