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If you're using Apollo Server, you are using the graphql-tools npm package, . require("apollo-server"); const typeDefs = gql` directive @date(format: String) on . The Date data type can be easily serialized as a number using the getTime() method. Therefore, we would like our GraphQL server to send and receive Date s . Time and Date should be set through the Polycom Boot Server. This article is for historical reference only. The date and time on the phone can be set by.

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ADB Server out of Date or Adb Device Offline If for some reason you have a schema that uses another name for the deprecated directive, but you date server to use the same implementation, date server, you can! Everyone who follows the link gets to pick their home location to compare their time directly with yours, date server. To configure date and time: To make this work, the directive just needs to add an additional argument to the field: To change your time zone: Want a time quick?

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To configure date and time: This instance can be defined in a dependency package or in your own code. Just want to know what time it is? Kerio Control allows manual settings or synchronization with an NTP server recommended. On the client, the user can simply create a new date from the received numeric value. date server

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