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SpeedDater is the original and best singles events site. Read our blog for dating news, tips and advice including what is speed dating and how. Studies like the one at Ohio State University suggest that speed dating should, in theory, work. If we can determine whether another person is a good match for. Speed dating is a popular way to meet lots of other singles in one night. But does it work? It can, if you follow these tips.

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Why speed dating with us? Alternatively, have you even met a few people, but the reality happened to be far away from the impression you had gained through your correspondence? The University of Pennsylvania researchers determined that Hurry Date's three-minute format was longer than necessary -- three seconds is about all it takes, said one researcher [source: Related How Stuff Works articles. Would you manage to have that many dates for this price somewhere else?

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Speed Dating Advice : How Does Speed Dating Work?

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