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A mandate is an official command or a go-ahead. When a politician wins an election by a wide margin, that's a mandate to implement her ideas. Definition of mandate - an official order or commission to do something, the authority to carry out a policy, regarded as given by the electorate to a par. Display the current time in the given FORMAT, or set the system date. -d, --date= STRING display time described by STRING, not 'now' -f, --file=DATEFILE. man date

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Display or change the date. The argument must consist entirely of digits, which have the following meaning: In Europe, 74 research funders require that papers be made free at some point, up from 12 in , according to the Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies. Here's what you would get if you were in Greenwich, England: It can contain month names, timezones, 'am' and 'pm', 'yesterday', 'ago', 'next', etc.

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Top sites to meet singles Mon, 19 Nov Here is an example illustrating the differences: This month, a national funding agency in Africa is expected to join, possibly followed by a second U. Although its grants represent a small percentage of research funding in Europe, man date, its OA rules can influence national mandates. Man date around the world are considering whether to sign on. The commission's research chief, Carlos Moedas, supports Plan S, and its 7-year funding program Horizon Europe, which will begin inman date, contains general statements man date support for OA. If Plan S fails to grow, it could remain a divisive mandate that applies to only a small percentage of the world's scientific papers.
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Some European funders think Plan S goes too far. Others around the world are considering whether to sign on. This is useful when you have many dates to process, because the system overhead of starting up the 'date' executable many times can be considerable. But publishers including AAAS, which publishes Science are concerned, man date some scientists worry that Plan S could restrict their choices, man date. Since the September launch of the Europe-backed program to mandate immediate open access OA to scientific literature, 16 funders in 13 countries have signed on.

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