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Let me tell you about the time I went to a silent dating night. Yes, it's as bonkers as it sounds. But silent speed dating - or Shhh Dating, as it's. What is Silent Dating. Find out more about quiet parties and be one of the first to go Silent Dating. Non-verbal communication: The object of silent dating is to strip away the masks we make for ourselves and reveal who we are inside.

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Everyone was wearing a sticker with his or her number on it, and after each encounter you mark the corresponding number on your scorecard with a tick and a cross — easy. So the minute Adam mentions warm-up activities, she looked at me murderously. Adam met his own girlfriend on the first night and tells me it has an overwhelming success rate, because people find it liberating and engaging. On the other hand, there were chaps who smiled warmly and gesticulated wildly and before I knew it I was making terrible attempts at sign language and laughing my head off. Then the speed dating portion starts. We clinked glasses and solemnly nodded heads in agreement: silent dating

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