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Women are twice as choosy as men when they go speed dating, research suggests. Why might that be?. But how? I blurted, “Let's go speed dating.” She said, “Okay.” And that was that. At a minimum, we could laugh about the experience together. them, a bit sheepishly, that I had signed up for a speed dating event. Long enough to determine if you want to go out on a real date with.

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Then when the appointed hour comes, the single women are asked to disperse themselves around the room, one woman per table, and the single gentlemen are then asked to go from table to table when given the go ahead from the organizer. I wrote down the phone numbers for the four guys, hung up the phone, and tried hard not to die laughing. A couple of hours later, the phone rang. And then there was the guy who worked at the Edgar Cayce Institute. At the end of round two, I took out my paper, folded it so no one could see my answers, and handed it in. Soon followed a skinny guy who mentioned he used to go to church. One Filipino fellow was considering joining his friend in Ecuador on a mission trip. I wondered what he thought about Jesus. Turns out I had four matches! On the appropriate night, you drive to a local venue, perhaps a coffee shop, pay the very reasonable fee much cheaper than popcorn and a movie for twoand then tell the organizer your age range, which might be, or 40 and up, where can i go speed dating. I had told none of my coworkers about what I was doing. Over the next month or so, I proceeded to go out with all four of my matches, and though none of those official dates led to anything long term, I gained a valuable takeaway. where can i go speed dating

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