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Definition of victimization - the action of singling someone out for cruel or unjust treatment. singling (to single) out end-point events · specify/single out · They have corner offices two years out of law school; single-handedly negotiate billion-dollar deals. Meaning and definitions of single, translation in Bengali language for single with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of single in Bengali.

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In addition to extensive documentation of Israeli human rights abuses, every single organization above, without exception, has also documented and investigated claims about other parties. On its face, it appears to advocate for greater action on more human rights issues. What are these criticisms? No one who chooses to engage in war crimes, colonization or human rights violations should expect the complicity of people around the world. Anytime one talks about Israel one must, by definition, "single out" Israel -- whether cognitively or linguistically. Up against powerful state and corporate actors, civil society must focus its energies for collective actions such as boycott or divestment to succeed. A similar campaign succeeded regarding Darfur, and today another campaign is underway against Sri Lanka for its continuing oppression of the Tamil singling meaning. However, singling meaning, there can be only one universal standard of human rights. In order to assess that claim, one must look at the merits of criticisms toward Israeli policy to see if they are fair. Singling meaning do so made tactical sense while re-inforcing the principle that companies are legitimate targets for boycott and divestment wherever they are integral actors in a system of oppression. Under a final meaning, the critic could be claiming that "singling out" Israel for divestment is unfair, because divestment does not target every other country that also violates human rights.

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